Notice: Maintenance Window Scheduled

We are continuing to upgrade our network to provide you with even better performance and functionality, which is the reason for our note to you today.

On June 12th, at 11:59 P.M. CDT we will be upgrading network switches and the primary router. This means your website will be down for anywhere from one hour to as many as three. In turn, you’ll gain significant benefits as we upgrade other parts of our network in the next few months, including a Gigabit network connectivity when it’s made available later this month.

We’re providing advance notice of this maintenance window to ensure you have ample time to plan and prepare for the down time, so we can minimize the impact.

We appreciate your patience on this maintenance upgrade. We know you have a choice in hosting providers, and we work each day to earn your business. We appreciate you entrusting your hosting needs with HostedFX.

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8 Responses to Notice: Maintenance Window Scheduled

  1. Xavura says:

    Nice idea with the blog, hopefully it’ll be used more than the forums were.

  2. Cybersix says:

    First of all, congrats to HostedFX for having a blog..And thank you for early news about the next maintenance schedule…

  3. Jose says:

    I’m a new client from hostedFX but i must to say i’m really happy with this service, good luck with the blog!

  4. Alex Fraiser says:

    Now this will definitely be more useful than the forums. Thank you so much for doing this, and I can’t wait for the upgrade. :)

    I have subscribed too.

  5. Hisham says:

    Nice move on getting a blog, should be a lot better than the forums.

  6. Snowy says:

    Glad to see a blog! This should help more then the forums.

    As a quick note, can we get the “update now” feature back in Awstats?


  7. Gareth says:


    Updating “awstatsbrowserupdate” from “0″ to “1″.
    “awstatsbrowserupdate” was updated.

    Done! :)

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