Have you seen our new cloud hosting plans?

Before I explain what is our plans to offer, let me first explain what the cloud hosted is built on,

- It is hosted in a Tier 4 Datacenter which delivers doubly redundancy in all aspects of storage protections, power protection, san protection, and full scalability and performance of our high end servers.
- Raid 10 SSID and SAN storage drives equipped on all our servers.
- Protective none over sold servers.

Our plan is very simple you scale what ever you would like to use
256 MB ram – 16 GB Ram
Upto 16 Cores
Upto 1 TB HDD (RAID 10)
Upto 30,000 GB Bandiwdth
Full c- class IP range.

Choose over 200 OS templates pre installed templates and scale and build your cloud server.

More info (Link

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