All Servers Upgraded

Most of you won’t have noticed (due to us scheduling our downtime in the middle of the night EST time), but we had all of our servers upgraded last night. This is yet further evidence of HostedFX meeting client demand – when a server starts to even slightly feel any strain – we upgrade.

Scheduled Downtime Information for Upgrades
Time: Thu Jan 31 02:27:05 EST 2008
Total Time on Error: 14 minutes, 33 seconds

Details of Upgrade – Each server now has;
- An additional 1GB of RAM.
- An improved backup drive with 160GB storage.

This now takes each of our servers specs to the following:

Intel Dual Xeon 2.8ghz HyperThreading
Memory: 4096 MB DDR [4GB] ECC System Memory
Main Drive: 160GB Sata
Backup Drive: 160GB Sata
Automated Daily Backups
Private VLAN: 100mbps

Thanks for hosting with HostedFX!

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