HostedFX Welcome Spring.

Hello and welcome to Spring.

HostedFX is glad to celebrate this great spring with our valued customers and our new comers. As you may notice we are completely changing HostedFX expect for a few things like our great customer support and quality hosting. Now you may ask me whats new in HostedFX? Well i”ll make you a list.

  • New Technology We have upgraded ALL hardware and software to make your experience with us that much better such as outing obsolete technology and utilizing blade server technology where there is more capability and capacity for your growing web site and even if you don’t need it, we would prefer to keep up to date than to let it die and suffer any downtime.  We have also upgraded our storage technology to include a storage area network (SAN) which will not only allow us to have real snapshot backup data service, but you also improve our data management and integrity.  There is nothing worse than losing data, so we have gone 2 steps forward and invested into better technology.  We have also added a complex cluster technology which is operated by using Cirtix software technology.  We strongly believe that with these advancements ALL our customers will benefit as well as us.
  • New Plans: The plans for shared hosting is doubled disk space, and we now offer VPS Hosting.
  • New Design: We have upgraded our site with a brand new design that will improve our site SEO, and how it looks for you as a customer.
  • New Promotion: Well since our get one year free when ordering with a year promotion is done, we have created a new promotion for all our new signup’s. Get 50% off your month while using coupon 50HOFF. Or for shared and reseller hosting when you buy a yearly plan you get a free domain and one month free. For VPS hosting get 2 free months when paying yearly. And More coming soon.
    Have a healthy and a nice spring everyone.

    HostedFX Team.

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13 Responses to HostedFX Welcome Spring.

  1. Sahil says:

    The new design sucks. You could be honest and say that the site was sold too ;)

  2. Gareth Hodson says:

    You just destroyed the site with this design…ouch.

  3. Fady says:

    Yes the site was sold from Gareth to a more larger company soon ( next month) we will have 24/7 online phone support, as of right now we have 24/7 live chat support. The new design looks good to me what do you hate in it. :) Also no one comment on the technology. Gareth your design was great but it was time for a upgrade.

  4. Hamza says:

    The Design looks good, although I preferred the previous design more as it stood out more.

  5. Hisham says:

    Old design was better by far :(

  6. Snowy says:

    Who was the site sold to?

  7. Mike G says:

    I think the site looks great. Nice choice of colors, and not overrun with graphics…Good Job!! As far as the new technology goes, if I knew what half of it meant, I could reply to that :)
    But all the same, keep up the great work, and keep on keeping up with the technology!

  8. Well I feel that it always take time to accept the change, but after a while people get used to it.I remember one advertising, running on TV while Vodafone take over Hutch, it said that “Change is good!
    I found this new look nicer.

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  12. ishan says:


  13. Angel17 says:

    Technology, software, and many more are always updated this time.

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