A FREE Month for Each Client You Refer

Those that have had the experience of hosting their website with HostedFXwill be aware that we like to give a little back as our way of saying thank you.

So what’s the deal?
The logic is simple; for each client you refer to HostedFX you will recieve one month of free web hosting. You don’t even have to be an existing customer to qualify. Call this a fast-track alternative to our affiliate program, if you will. The bonus of this scheme is that you do not have to wait for payout – you receive your free month straight away. The scheme is limitless; refer 12 clients and receive a whole year free.

Simply contact us with the domain and/or email that the new client will be using, along with your own domain name and we will credit your account with an extra month, FREE!

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One Response to A FREE Month for Each Client You Refer

  1. Peter Water says:

    I started to work with hostedfx when I created my website wordleunlimited.co and I am really satisfied with the performance.

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